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Lloyd Chiropractic Table Company was Started as a hobby by  Dr. Lloyd A. Steffensmeier, D.C., in 1960.As a college student in the mid-50's, he had designed, produced and sold portable chiropractic tables. In 1965, Dr. Steffensmeier designed a newer style portable chiropractic table that would be more adaptable to full-spine technique.

In 1966, Lloyd Table Company began manufacturing Lloyd's Nicholas side-posture table similar to the side posture table (Rival) manufactured by Arnold Nicholas of Davenport, and in 1968 the posture-constant chair was added to the list. In 1972, the basement was no longer adequate for the operation. The Lloyd table company was then moved two miles away to a four-story brick building in Lisbon. In this 14,400 sq .ft. facility, the business expanded rapidly, continuing to increase the volume of business on an average of about 50 percent each year over the previous year. With this increase in production, more employees were hired, new machinery was purchased and advancements in the design of the Lloyd chiropractic table were made.

In the next five years, Lloyd Table Company grew rapidly in popularity and found it necessary to expand again. A new building was constructed, giving the company and additional 18,700 sq. ft. of building space. This additional space is utilized by upholsterers, woodworkers, and contains an assembly department and chrome plating plant.

All New Lloyd Tables are custom built to your specs. Build time on Lloyd Chiropractic tables varies between 6-to 10 weeks, Depending on the type table ordered.

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Most common spare parts are stocked in our shop. For Lloyd Table parts ,you may contact our service manger by email or use the number on the top of the site.

Face Paper to suit many types of Chiropractic Table is available.  It is smooth and lint-free, 24 rolls to a box   with discounts on bulk quantities. WE DO NOT SHIP SUPPLIES INTERNATIONALLY ,unless it ships with a  Large Table!!

This is DUE to the 3 Hours it takes to prepare the paperwork it is not cost effective ..Most supply orders the shipping is 3 times the price of the unit or more also! If you are ordering a Table and need supply items added we can do that sometimes others it is still not cost productive.


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            We Also Supply:

  • Silent Aire -Air Compressors
  • Face Paper Rolls for most makes of tables
  • Spare parts for Lloyd Tables
  • Activator Instruments, Erchonia Precussor & Adjustor, Nervoscopes
Lloyd Galaxy Hylo
Lloyd Galaxy McManis Hylo
 Lloyd Activator Hylo
 Lloyd Astro Hylo
  Hylo & Elevation
 Lloyd Galaxy 908hs-Hylo & Elevation
Lloyd Galaxy Ultimate - Elevation & Hylo
 Lloyd Galaxy 900 HS -Hylo & Elevation
Lloyd Activator 906HS
 Lloyd Toggle
 Lloyd Portable Tables
Lloyd Benches
 Lloyd Cervical Chairs
Lloyd Pelvic Bench
Lloyd Galaxy Stationary Table
Lloyd Galaxy McManis Stationary
Flexion Distraction
Lloyd Galaxy McManis Elevation
 Lloyd Galaxy McManis Stationary
 Lloyd Galaxy Ultimate -   Elevation & Hylo
 Lloyd Galaxy McManis Hylo
 Lloyd 402 Flexion Elevation
Lloyd Galaxy McManus Elevation
Lloyd Galaxy Elevation
Lloyd 402 Elevation

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